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Blog | 'Pitarakia', the best snack to eat in the island.

'Pitarakia', the best snack to eat in the island.



Pitarakia(Πιταράκια, Πιταράκια Μήλου, πιταράκια) is a specialty of Milos Island, consisting of small half-moon-shaped pastries filled with cheese. The pastry dough is typically made with flour, olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salt, and lukewarm water, while the filling may be as simple as crumbled local cheese (such as manoura) mixed with freshly ground pepper.

Other variations of the cheese filling include a mixture of local mizithra cheese, eggs, spearmint, and salt, or a combination of finely chopped red onions with dry Melian cheese. There’s also a sweet version of the pastry which uses a filling of mizithra cheese, sugar, eggs, and cinnamon.  Pitarakia pastries are typically fried in hot oil until nicely colored and crispy, and they’re best enjoyed warm as a meze dish or a snack. 


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